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    Loot Policy


    DKP system
    DKP or Dragon Kill Point systems award you points for raiding, and charge you points for looting.

    Earning points
    In our system points are awarded every hour of raiding with bonus points for being online at the start and end of the raid. Points are taken from being in the raid tool and when we have over flow situations being in the agreed to channel and ready to raid.

    Point Rot
    This is the most unique part of our loot system. The short and simple explanation is that we only award points based on a 45 raid day window. Hours raided during the 45 raid day window count, points spent during the 45 raid day window count. Any points earned or spent prior to this do not impact your DKP total in any shape or form.

    Fixed Spending Amounts
    Points are spent in fixed amounts 20, 10, 5/0. We follow the process below to award the item and figure out how much is spent.

    Rules For Awarding Loot

    Initial Bid
    All items start bidding at 20DKP and only full members in good standing (raid % > 20) and positive DKP can bid. No one bids and the price drops... see rules for price decrease

    Price Decrease
    Bidding at 10DKP is open to all members and recruits. If anyone bids on the item, the item will be awarded by doing a member comparison.

    Dictate Rules
    Bidding is open to all members and recruits. However, preference will be given to “high need raiders”. This means that an Applicant or an individual with raid attendance less than 20%. If a mixture of individuals bid (20%+ raiders as well as less than 20% raiders), then all 20%+ will be thrown out of the bidding, and the loot will be awarded to a high need raider at no cost. However, if only 20%+ raiders bid on the item, then the winner will be awarded the loot at 5dkp using the member comparison. The winner need not be able to equip the item. In the event of a tie, the people who are tied will random. If no one bids on the item, the item goes to rot.

    Rot/raid alt looting rules
    When an item has no bidders it is declared a rot. Active raid alts (in attendance and participating at the raid) may be allowed to loot items if they can use. If a rot loot is not awarded, then an officer will loot for tribute.

    Member Comparison
    The primary vector of comparison for awarding loot is by current available DKP. If the DKP difference between the highest member and the next member is high (>=11 points) the person with the highest DKP wins. If the difference is small (<=10 points) everyone within 10 points of the highest person is considered. Of the people within 10 points of the highest person, the person with the lowest loot % is the winner. If there is a tie then it will be broken first with DKP, if there is still a tie, it will be broken with RA, and if there is still a tie, then /random will be used to break the tie. If a member has spent DKP already on a raid night their future DKP and loot % will be used for all calculations.
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