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    Membership Information


    Recruiting Philosophy
    Thank you for your interest in Phoenix Ascending. Our goal is to make constant progress through the game through the dedication and discipline of our members and leaders. We look for people who play on a regular basis, however, we understand that our members have real lives that at times take priority over gaming and impact their play time. Because of the variation in membersí play times, we are always looking for people who have exceptional skill. Therefore, we do not turn away people requesting membership. Whether you want to raid or group with guild members, we have a place for YOU!

    Types of Membership

    When you apply to Phoenix Ascending, you will apply as a Raiding Member or Social Member. Outside of a raid setting, all Phoenix Ascending members have the same rights & privileges. All applicants will complete a 30 day evaluation period in which their attitude, willingness to help others, and quality of group play is assessed. For those seeking raid membership, 4 weeks of raid performance will also be evaluated. Minimum requirements for raid and social membership is listed below.

    Raid Membership
    -Maximum level + 30K AAs (Applied to the most beneficial areas for your class as listed on the website)
    -Current group content equipment or better
    -Create and maintain an updated Magelo or Raidloot profile throughout application process
    -Attend a sufficient number of raids so that your raid skills may be evaluated by officers and fellow guild members.
    -Use GINA or in game audio triggers for all our current raid targets
    -Maximum resists
    -All expansions owned, and be a gold member

    Social Membership
    - Minimum level 90
    - Gear should correspond to level
    - Social Members may join the Raid List channel, but do not accrue DKP nor can they spend DKP while in Raid List channel. Joining the channel is simply to let the Raid Leaders know you are ready and willing to raid that night
    - Social Members will accrue and may bid up to 10DKP on loot and may bid on spell gems while they are actively participating in a raid

    - Applicants may not have their Alts added to the guild until their application period is successfully completed

    Converting Membership Types
    At times, life throws each of us different opportunities and challenges. These opportunities and challenges may result in a change in the amount of time we can actively participate. For some, this may mean that a social member may now have more time to give to the game and is getting the "itch" to raid. In other cases, it may mean a raider no longer desires or has the ability to maintain a raid membership. In either situation, membership conversion is an option.

    To convert a social to a raid membership, the following steps need to be completed:

    - Submit a revised application.
    - Complete a four week raid performance evaluation. If the performance from officers and raiding members is positive you will converted to a raider.
    - Social to raiding applicants in a closed class will be first evaluated and voted on by officers before the application is posted to the guild in general.

    To convert from a raid membership to a social membership:

    - Contact an officer and verbally express an interest to move to a social membership.

    Member Sweeps
    No changes to membership status will be made when an extended absence is requested as long as the absence is communicated to an officer and the member adheres to the terms of the extended absence. However, in cases where the member has taken an extended absence and is not communicative, a change in membership status may occur. The change will occur through a member sweep. Membership sweeps will occur periodically and include the following actions:

    If a raid member has not attended raids in 90 days, the member will be converted to a social member.
    If a member has not logged in to raid or group in 90 days, the member will be retired.

    Returning Members
    A retired member or any member who leaves in good standing may return within 90 days of leaving or being retired and return to their former type of membership. After 45 days, your raid average & DKP are re-set to 0 and this cannot be undone.

    Main Switching
    Main switching is considered a rare and special request and must be approved by officer council. It is handled on a case by case basis and will not be considered for any member whose tenure is less than 6 months.

    The expectation is that Phoenix Ascending members focus on advancing their main character to the best of their ability. Alternate characters are allowed in general play, however on raids an alt/box will only be allowed if the raid cannot continue without that class as determined by the raid leader.
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