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    Application - Apply Here!

    To apply, please copy the application below and click the "CLICK HERE TO APPLY" link. Paste the application and fill out the answers to the questions asked.



    • Name/Class/Level
    • Race (When not Illusioned)
    • # of AA's
    • Magelo URL or Raidlist#
    • What is your unbuffed HP / Mana / AC?

    • Does anyone else have access to this account? (who/why)
    • Is this character your Main? (Yes / No)
    • If No, What is the Name / Class of your Main and what guild is it in?

    • What time zone are you in?
    • List realistic start/ending times you play for each day:
    • Sunday:
    • Monday:
    • Tuesday:
    • Wednesday:
    • Thursday:
    • When do you play on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sunday afternoon?

    • List your recent guild history, when there and reasons for leaving.
    • Do you have an application in with any other guilds currently?
    • If you have been in any raiding guilds with your alts, please list those as well.
    • Please give us some info on your EQ history as well as any friends you have in Phoenix Ascending , etc.
    • Why do you want to be a member of Phoenix Ascending?

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