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    Raiding Guidelines


    In order for Phoenix Ascending raids to run efficiently and be enjoyable, guidelines and expectations are necessary. Spam, miscommunication, needless wipeouts, and wasted time happen when members are unfamiliar with or do not adhere to raid guidelines.

    Raid Formation and Composition
    Full members (raid and social), probationary raiding members, and guests who meet minimum raid requirements are permitted to attend Phoenix Ascending raids. Alts/Boxes will only be used if the raid cannot continue without that class as determined by the raid leader.

    Because Phoenix Ascending raids occur in instanced zones with a limited number of spaces, seating is limited. When there are more people than raid slots they will join the overflow channel (PAlist:list) to get raid attendance.

    Individuals are placed into the raid in the following order: Raid need as determined by the raid leader(s) to (include factors such as attendance, group make-up, special roles, familiarity with the event, and performance), raiding members, raiding applicants, social members, applicants, and guests.

    Raids start in the Phoenix Ascending guild hall unless another location is specified. If you plan to attend, try to be in the guild hall before raid start time. Send a /tell to the officer who is inviting people to the raid to get an invite.

    Raid Expectations
    Phoenix Ascending raids are made up of many teams (Leadership, Class leaders, Healers, CC, DPS etc.) that are coordinated by a raid leader and require systematic communication via channels to maximize raid success.

    A. Communication and Chat Channels

    The raid channel /rs is only used by raid leaders to make important raid-specific communication to the whole raid. Do not chat in the /rs channel unless directed by the raid leader(s)

    The raid channel /PARaid:raid is also a raid-specific chat channel and all raiders are required to join this channel. In addition the following channels are established and required to be used if you are of the specified class. PAHeal:heal (Cleric,Shaman,Druid), PACC:cc (Enchanters,Bards), PADps:dps (All DPS Classes), PAPullull(Monks,Bards,SK’s), PATank:tank(Warriors,SK and Pally)

    **NEW 1/2019** Raiders will join and listen to the Discord channel during raids. During the event, listen for instructions from the raid leader and do not chat in the Discord channel. All raiders and people waiting to join are required to join Discord.

    B. Raid Roles and Responsibilities
    Buffing – Mass Group Buffing (MGB) should be applied by each of the buffing classes at the start of the raid or after a wipe at the banner. If you need a buff any other time, send a /tell to a member of the appropriate class.

    Debuffs – Classes need to communicate and coordinate so that all mobs are slowed and debuffed as needed.

    – An “inc” message will be used on all pulls of trash mobs. For boss mobs, the puller will wait for the raid leader to give the ok, give a short countdown in /rs, and pull (or charge) the mob. Once solid agro is achieved, the MA will call for the rest of the raid to /assist him in killing the mob. All raid members must wait until the MA calls for the /assist before attacking the target.

    Pet Management
    – Pets can only be used if their owners have pet focus and pet greater hold. In addition, it is expected that pet classes manage their pet agro. Pet Taunt should be off. Pet owners should place their pet on extended target, the owner can see the level of pet aggro. When the pet aggro reaches 100, the pet owner is to summon the pet. Swarm pets may be used at the discretion of the raid leader.

    Tank, Mezzing, and CC
    –The raid leader will explain how the raid will handle trash mobs and adds, including identifying the main assist (MA) and how mobs will be controlled ( tank mez, mez, stun bubble, and.or kite). Raid members must make an /assist hotkey and use it.

    Uniform hotkeys
    - Uniform hotkeys are used by all raid members to minimize confusion and reduce player response time to the messages being sent in various chat channels. This results in clear an unambiguous communications making us a more prepared and efficient raid force. Uniformity also allows for the use of audio triggers.

    C. AFKs and Leaving the Raid
    AFK – During an event it is expected you are at your keyboard and focused at all times. Between events if you need to go AFK for 2 minutes or less, you should tell your group and those individuals in your relevant chat channels. If you need an AFK for longer than that it is expected you communicate with an officer and get instructions (you may be asked to leave the zone or leave the raid).

    Leaving the Raid – If you decide to leave the raid for any reason, you need to communicate in any of the following ways: guild chat, group, or in a tell to an officer.

    D. Raid Leader Discretion - the raid leader and officers have the ability to remove people from raid, deduct points, give bonus points, and decide on special loots/points circumstances for some raids. This is not typical and will be communicated to the raid.
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