The Charter for Phoenix Ascending

Who we are

Phoenix Ascending members maintain the ideals of honor, friendship and fair play, striving to help each other whenever possible. We are much stronger as a whole than we are as individuals. Phoenix Ascending has a strong mix of classes, skills, knowledge, and talents that continue to move the members and guild forward in progression.

Phoenix Ascending strives to confer a close knit family feeling to its members. This can only be maintained by respecting each individualís game enjoyment and play time. Proper guild chat, grouping behavior, providing assistance for others, and distribution of loot (to name a few) all play a part in a cohesive guild family. Every Phoenix Ascending member has these core values and considers them very important to maintaining our guild culture.
Phoenix Ascending was born from the merger of two well respected and accomplished guilds, Resolution and Valorguard. With the best of both experiences we rise to meet the challenges ahead.

Behavioral Expectations

Phoenix Ascending functions under the "Do unto others as you would have them do to you" philosophy. Members are expected to refrain from arguments or word wars in open public channels, including /ooc, /gu and chat channels. Foul language, controversial subjects (politics, religion for example) and racial/sexual orientation slurs are not permitted and will often be followed by /tells of disapproval to you by guild members or officers. If you are approached by someone regarding your behavior, treat them with respect. We are proud of our guild, and we represent our guild. It is expected that members display their guild tag at all times.

Consequences of Disruptive Behavior:

Occasionally a member may exhibit behavior that is detrimental to the guild or raid. In these rare cases an officer may need to intervene with disciplinary action which can range from a simple chat to, in extreme instances, guild removal.