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Thread: The end nerf

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    The end nerf

    Thank all my friends through the years.

    I logged into EQ same spot you all know I have been at for 2 years now. Log in say hi and burn a lesson. Same buffs, group, merc cleric, gear but almost max AAs from two years ago. 200 from cap I believe.

    Eastern wastes same camp spot. Those who grouped with me here seen me tank 4-6 mobs with a two hander out.

    I pull a few mobs 1 at a time doing the same thing as ever before. Going the same old way, boring I can walk away from one mob with 2 hander or shield. I pull and get 4 mobs, put my discs up like before, i have my two hander out and am one rounded. Before I never had to heal myself with discs running. Yet now I was one rounded. I figured it was a fluke, repeated the pull, this time with my shield out. Same results, one rounded to negative Hps healed to full then one rounded again and dead. I try 2 mobs with a shield, I have to heal myself just to stay alive even with the cleric merc.

    I have to say the last fun I had died with this nerf. I am not sure what they broke, but this was too much for me. I am 1000 times weaker now then 2 years ago, even though I am 200 from max AAs.

    I would just like to thank everyone for the fun times through the years. Me and Kah are now playing Neverwinter. I will check back in to see if this was a bug, but if this is the new normal I am fully retired.

    An honor and a privilege to have met everyone in here.

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    Pre-Expansion NERF is what it is.

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    October 18th patch, A successful strikethrough of a riposte no longer results in an additional melee hit, is the reason. It is massively bogus and an easy way for Darkpaw to reduce server lag by implementing this.

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    Yep, it sux. Take care of yourself Silver. You and Kah will be missed =(

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    Later bud, sorry to see you go. Give me your NW details so I can hit you up there sometime.

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    How is that game? I was looking at some vids of it cpl nights ago. Been serching for some new online adventure lately.

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    I find it boring and very repetitive -same old shit all the time. Everything is just a constant grind with some significant pay-to-win elements to it. Don't play it very much, more of social thing with old friends for me.

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    Ahhh ok figures. Sounds sort of like Lineage II. I played that until I couldn't stand doing the same ol' daily quests and clicking all the junk ya have to click each and every day. Plus the PTW truly is annoying. I would rather pay a sub for a worth while game. Was also looking at The Elder's Scrolls online, but have to buy that game for PC to try it out. There's no way to check it out for yourself without first buying the base game. The hunt continues I guess.

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