Thank all my friends through the years.

I logged into EQ same spot you all know I have been at for 2 years now. Log in say hi and burn a lesson. Same buffs, group, merc cleric, gear but almost max AAs from two years ago. 200 from cap I believe.

Eastern wastes same camp spot. Those who grouped with me here seen me tank 4-6 mobs with a two hander out.

I pull a few mobs 1 at a time doing the same thing as ever before. Going the same old way, boring I can walk away from one mob with 2 hander or shield. I pull and get 4 mobs, put my discs up like before, i have my two hander out and am one rounded. Before I never had to heal myself with discs running. Yet now I was one rounded. I figured it was a fluke, repeated the pull, this time with my shield out. Same results, one rounded to negative Hps healed to full then one rounded again and dead. I try 2 mobs with a shield, I have to heal myself just to stay alive even with the cleric merc.

I have to say the last fun I had died with this nerf. I am not sure what they broke, but this was too much for me. I am 1000 times weaker now then 2 years ago, even though I am 200 from max AAs.

I would just like to thank everyone for the fun times through the years. Me and Kah are now playing Neverwinter. I will check back in to see if this was a bug, but if this is the new normal I am fully retired.

An honor and a privilege to have met everyone in here.