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Thread: Skills to 300 and trophy ideas.

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    Skills to 300 and trophy ideas.

    Please folks add to this, these are my ideas only.
    Get the trophy early, as soon as you have 50 skill in a trade, get the quest and do it. simple to do and all parts can be bought at this level, level the trophy as you level your skill.

    Pottery - Unfired Spherical Bottle - all bought Air-infused water now from Olwen (COV) in WW - 302
    Unfired casserole dish - all bought - 199

    Smithing - Fulginate barbs - 112
    Cobalt barbs - 222
    Tantalum barbs - 255
    Tungsten chain bracer Template - 310
    Titanium chain bracer Template - 386
    Boundless Wrist Symbol of the Brood - August Ore.
    Cobalt chainmail bracer template - Cobalt Ore

    Fletching - August Uninfused Glowbow - Augus Animal Pelt.
    EarthPiercer Javelin, Lumber plank, Ethernere essence, Steel ingot

    Baking - Beer-Battered Planar Goo - 202
    Ethernere Cake - Ethernere Essence
    Broiled Raxil Fish - Raxil Fish. (Go fishing! in Argath, no agro, common drop and the recipe is cheap, plus a nice stat food for babies).

    Brewing - Brut Champagne - 35 or so plat per -- all buyable.
    Nighttime Nostrum -Dream Dust.

    Tailoring - Excellent leather gloves template
    Exotic Silk Wristband Template -Exotic Silk.

    Jewelcraft - Velium Blue Diamond Bracelet
    Forgotten Relic Necklace - Relic Fragments
    Glowing Energeiac Rod - Sunshard Ore - Make the small cores and use those for research

    Research - Glowing Energeiac Rod - Sunshard Ore
    Ability: Mass enchant conflagrant platinum - Kunark conflagrant powder, fine runic sortilege sheet
    Combat spell book - writing ink (Must do the Kerst Frostrift in PoK tradeskill quest to scribe the recipe, it is not hard)

    Alchemy - Distillate of Celestial Healing XVIII - bought

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    Thank you, With these, may be I will be brave enough to start on Aanweniex or even Asantewa :P

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    Thank you for the detail. It helps me to start the game

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