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Thread: Covid and Fires

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    Covid and Fires

    Hi all
    Perth is currently in a 5 day covid lockdown (day 3). This is after 10 months of no community transmission and was found from one of the guards in the hotel quarantine testing positive.

    Yesterday, I mentioned after raid, I was preparing for evac from fires - just incase!
    In 22 years I have lived here we have been evac'd 3 times.

    The last 2 and a half days this fire has been burning.
    59 homes gone - 9000 hectares burnt!!

    This is the picture on the "warning map" as of this morning my time.
    Red = fire zone
    Yellow = watch and act
    Blue = advice level.

    The blue thumb pin is Tweedle and me.
    Fire here.jpg

    The weather today is forecast as 36'C and winds up to 70km/hr.
    Wind direction is everything.
    If it is easterly, which it normally is up until the afternoon - we might be evac'd.
    The land between the red area and us is mostly open shrubbery/paddocks with very dry grass.
    If the fire gets in that, it will move very quickly.
    Just letting you know what is happening here incase tweed and I need to go fast today.
    We are packed. It is a case of round up 3 cats into the carriers and put in cars with our already packed stuff and we are gone to my daughters place.

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    I hope the fire will not go your way.

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    It has moved! We are still in the blue (see the blue thumb nail).
    Fire warning 2.jpg

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    So you get an idea of the distance ...
    To get an idea of distance.png
    You can see the 10km at the bottom right!

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    We are still in the blue... and waiting

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    It has changed again..
    Fire warning 3.jpg

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    Fires not finished BUT Tweed and I are safe it appears.
    Its almost over.png

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