I'm in the guild, my name is Moskva level 108 shaman. I'm not going to be playing anymore. I have talked to Andeha, another member of the guild and this person has asked to BOX my shaman. I have decided to allow them to BOX Mosk, just letting you know. So there is no trouble. I'm too far behind to ever be able to raid with you all as a guild, so I have decided to retire somewhat but the thought of Mosk out there helping someone else out. Well its hard to pass up. I know most of you might not even know me, or remember me. But I had been playing EverQuest for a number of years. Started on Vallon Zek, a PK server pre-kunark. Drove forward plowing through every expansion, getting flagged for almost everything. It was a long, run. Lots of friends and fun along the way. I'm not sad, at all. I'm happy.


Moskva Kremel