This is a tough post for me to make. I love you guys a ton. I have enjoyed myself here immensely. It has certainly been a good ride. Recently I changed my main a couple times but settled on Cheyanna the wizzy. I healed stuff for loads of years and just wanted to cut loose and blow stuff up. I worked the wizzy to a nub for the last six months. I really want to see all the raid content there is and we have not even seen all of EoK. So I decided to pull my wizzy out to explore the current content and hone my skills further. I hate the reality of all of this and how it may affect you guys. I always wish you the best. I hope you have no hard feelings as I do not. I will leave my other toons if you are cool with that and continue to help people out when you need me. Please keep in contact as I will too. Good luck in all you try to accomplish!