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Thread: TradeSkills above 300 quest

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    TradeSkills above 300 quest

    So I finished Alchemy and now doing baking -0 I am doing them in Alpha order, I just like that.
    But take this as a note to help maybe and please post you results and anything easier.

    run the command /outputfile recipes baking
    Or whatever skill you are doing atm.
    open this link
    At the top of the page
    Choose file and find your newly saved output file
    Choose upload file.
    Click upload
    This will tell you every recipe you NEED to learn, NOT ones you already know.

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    Thanks Jkaisi - you can take the output from the file above and copy to Excel or open Office Calc and the links to EqTraders will work.

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    I have tried this and it works. Thanks for the help Mannhec!

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    OK, one thing I have noticed. You need to request your outputfile through EQ each time you want to check and see what you need in a specific tradeskill. in other word, that outputfile is a snapshot, taken at the time you run it. Anything that you make after you run that outputfile will not drop off. You have to run a new outputfile to get the current status of your missing tradeskill recipes. I checked it today and verified it.

    When you open your file for a tradeskill you get all the recipes you are missing as a link (at least I do). You can click the missing recipe and it will take you to eqtrader to see what the recipe is. The problem I have with that is you can not use the back button to come back to the missing recipes you opened. You have to go through opening the outputfile again. Just so you know. Mannhec posted you can use excel and Oncemore told me in skype last night excel works for him. That gives you the ability to go to eqtrader and not lose the outputfile data.

    I LOVE this program, it makes it so easy to figure out what I need to make. Also, just to make absolutely sure everyone knows, you only have to make 1 of the recipes you are missing, making more does nothing for you. As you may notice, there is a huge difference between the number needed to max out a tradeskill. So learning 1 new tradeskill will not give you a skill up. It can vary from 5 to 100 or more new recipes in each tradeskill needed to get a skill up. Tradeskills, the ultimate timesink!

    Thanks for sharing this, it's really appreciated.

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    I have found that you can drop the list (created using you output file) into an Excel spreadsheet and it will keep the links to EQ Traders. You can then go to your spreadsheet and click the item to get the recipe from EQ traders. I use to create the list of recipes you have not made and need to progress.

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    Or, if you do a Ctrl-click on the link to bring it up on a separate tab, you can drill down to see what and where to get various sub-elements, and when done with the recipe, close that tab - and your list will still be there. I like to do blocks of stuff, so one technique I like to use is find some things (example: Livestone armor) that require an item that is unique to the set (or at least not an excessive amount more) then drill to that item and click the "show recipes that use this" link. (example: for the Livestone armor, you could use the Emblem of Earth).

    For me, the only reason for doing all this stuff is to improve my Artisan's prize augment. Note that you do not have to take ANY tradeskills to 350 to max it. The aug will go up 3AC, 30 HP/Mana, etc. for every (approx.) 7 new recipes learned above 300 (200 for fishing) in any tradeskill. So, you could get 2 in tailoring, 2 in brewing, and 3 in baking to get an increase. If you are below 300 in a TS, but have scribed all the books you can find, you might very well get multiple aug increases when you hit 300 (example: when I skilled research to 300, it jumped immediately to 314 due to the number of recipes I had already learned and the fact that I had already bought the AAs necessary to go to 320, so I got a 6AC, 60 HP/Mana jump in the aug).

    As for the order of attack, Fishing is by far the best, with 1 skill point gained for every 2.5 recipes learned. Next would be Brewing with about 1 skill point for approx. 6 recipes learned. Following them, in order of fewest to most recipes needed for a single skill point would be: Poisonmaking, Alchemy, Baking, Tinkering, Fletching, Jewelcraft, Blacksmithing, Pottery, Tailoring, and lastly, Research (around 50 recipes for a single skill point).

    One further note: the list created by the web site cited herein is not 100 pct accurate (but is good enuff and a HUGE improvement over my previous process). I say this because I found recipes that I had not done (listed in EQtraders comprehensive list, but did not appear in my TS container search) that were not on the eqrecipes generated list and yet did count toward my recipes learned count.

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