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05-14-2022, 05:56 AM
Is being placed in mothballs for the time being.

Work has become crazy here. Although I do not have a contract, I am however almost working full time teaching hours!
This means point blank:

I am booked up until August - meaning I wont be raiding between now and then.

I value my downtime and EQ is not high on my priority list right now. AKA I can't be @ssed even logging in to do overseer or say hi.

Real life, family and MY well being are coming first.

I have left EQ before and returned a few times. If I get the itch I may/may not be back.

Good luck, kick ass and see you all on the flip side.

05-14-2022, 08:05 AM
Well, have fun and keep busy. I know you want to be able to get a contract, but this is about as good, I think. keep in touch.

05-14-2022, 03:24 PM
Understand Selket - those things are always priority. Will be good to have you back when you are ready!

05-15-2022, 03:06 PM
Don't worry I'll log in Selket to scare everyone now and then..

/huggles Miss you guys

06-12-2022, 10:21 PM
Hi all,
Work has not let up at all.
Totally enjoying the time away from the game.
Tweed doesn't want to spend all day at the pc while I am at work.
So, we are both in mothballs.
We have left EQ before and returned a few times. If we get the itch we may/may not be back.

Good luck, kick ass and see you all on the flip side.

06-13-2022, 01:58 AM
Acknowledged. Let me know what you think is best for the guild - count you as raiders or not?

06-13-2022, 09:00 AM
I will leave it entirely up to you the officer team on what they think is best.

I cannot give you a date that I will return.
I need to work during the school terms (40 weeks of the year). Write off Easter and Christmas/NYE (there's another 2 weeks). That leaves me with at most a possible 10 weeks to raid - providing real life does not come between me and the pixels (which it usually does).

With all that said, it is what it is. If you want to keep us as raiders, it would be nice.
However if you move us to social then that is the decision you make and I know - given my current work situation - I would not under any circumstances be able to actually make the benchmark to return as a raider and there for be done with EQ altogether as I don't see the game holding any interest for me in a 'group/non-raiding' situation.

06-13-2022, 12:50 PM
K, in that case we will keep your status as raider and hope for the best since you obviously have work requirements.

We will make a determination on the recruiting requirements when the time comes.