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11-30-2021, 10:08 PM
Well all, with my current situation and with the new expansion coming out. I have decided it's time for me to retire from the game after 19 years non-stop playing. I just can not keep raiding and quite frankly I don't think I have another grind left in me. So tonight will be my final night of raiding. I will hang out with my fellowship until the new expansion launches and then I will be calling it quits.

To all my friends I have met and made over the years, know I love you all and very much enjoyed my time with you all.

I know this doesn't say nearly everything I would like it to, but it's the best I know how to do it. I will be on skype occasionally.

Take care all and best of luck to you all.

/Big war hug

Tim aka Barlaorm

11-30-2021, 11:25 PM
You do not know how sad this makes me.
I'm sorry to see you go, and understand-I can't even imagine man.
Thank you for doing all you did for us, when you weren't feeling that great.
You have no idea how much it meant to everyone. Your strength was everything to me.
Sorry to see you go. Hopefully, you stop in occassionally just to say hello.
Wish you well in anything you do-and hope your health gets better.

11-30-2021, 11:37 PM
We will miss you, Barl! And you're always welcome to come back. Or play for fun as long as you feel up to it. Hope your health is doing okay and please let us know if there is anything we can do.

12-01-2021, 12:10 AM
So sorry to hear you are retiring Barl, but I totally understand.

12-01-2021, 12:24 AM
Very sad to hear you are retiring. You will be missed. I wish you the very best and hope you this is not good bye. Take care of yourself and stop in when you feel like it to say hello.

12-01-2021, 12:24 AM
I will forever hear, "Rcee, seriously, how did I die on that? WTF!"
Love you Barl, been an honour to be your guild mate for this many years and FRIEND!
Love you, Rcee

12-01-2021, 02:50 AM
I will miss you, Barl. It's been fun playing with you. Take care and drop in occasionally to see us all.

12-01-2021, 03:28 AM
We WILL leave the light on... Keep at it... /hugs

12-01-2021, 04:48 AM
Always a space at the table for you bud. Welcome back any time in any capacity.

12-01-2021, 11:20 AM
Be well my friend, hope you drop in some time and say hello.

Jassper De'Nalou
12-02-2021, 09:46 PM
Well, you already know how I feel, Barl. I totally hate to see you go. I wish there was some damn thing I could do for you man. If you at all feel like it, please drop in and say hello from time to time. I wish you the very best in life possible Barl. Take care of yourself...

12-02-2021, 10:15 PM
Barlaorm, I didn't get to know you well in the time in guild. I feel that is my loss.
19 years non-stop on EQ is a long time.
You will be missed by many.
Take the time to spend with friends and family.
Do what makes you happy.
Much respect from Tweedle and Selket.

12-03-2021, 05:11 PM
Hope things get better for you. There is life outside of raiding, trust me, I know :) Sometimes just being with friends can be enough and help with what you're going through.

*sprinkles Ale around*

12-07-2021, 08:24 PM
It's been a real pleasure bud, hope you make it back to game at some point! Let's see, I think Reso was formed in 2008... so we have been guilded for 12 of those 19 =p. Seems like yesterday LOL!.

12-12-2021, 03:32 PM
I, we will always remember the good times we had playing EQ together Barl. You are a good man & your moto of "Protector of Clerics" says allot about yourself. Your unselfish attitude towards playing your Warrior could always be counted on. Be well & enjoy your time with family & friends.