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  1. The Phoenix Rises
  2. Innoruk Dead!
  3. Bikini Babes Must Die!!
  4. PA Takes (down) a steam bath!
  5. Defending Lceanium
  6. Droga Win!
  7. Stem the Tide win!
  8. High Bokon Boromus Win!
  9. Chardok: Prince Selrach Di`zok Event Win!
  10. Queen and Gorowyn Dead!
  11. Fell Foliage DOWN
  12. The Karzok Raid Win!
  13. General Reparm Win!
  14. Hoshka, Silverwing and Xygoz Event Wins!
  15. Talendor Win!
  16. Rustbottom Rusted Out
  17. Night at the Museum and nothing but Hot Air
  18. Highway to the DANGER ZONE!!
  19. Esianti Down!
  20. Prince Ralaifin Extinguished!
  21. Griklor taken down by our anti-aircraft weapons! Restless Assault halted!
  22. So many new kills!
  23. And the carnage continues!
  24. Torment of Velious complete!
  25. ToV Crushed under our Boots
  26. CoV Tier 1 Completed